According to Sir Winston Churchill, "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

First off, why do you think Churchill calls democracy the worst form of government - except for other ones humanity has tried to put into place?

Do you agree or disagree with his opinion? Explain.

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I agree with Churchill's opinion. I don't think democracy is the most optimal form of government forever, however, it is sure that democracy provides the most effective solution in the most peaceful and humane way among all the forms of government that have been existed. Because democratic government's root of power comes from humans, it should think of humans as its first priority.

Also, I don't think Hitler's government was complete form of democracy. It just used election, the most common way of democracy, but not democracy. It was totally runned by tyranny of Hitler's government.

I disagree to Winston Churchhill. Democracy is the worst form of
government. I think the country should be reigned by a small number of elites who
have political, philosophical and economic knowledges. This idea was first spoken
by Plato. It is called government of philosopher kings or
queens. Democracy will be distorted as a mobocracy. I think The
most big problem of democracy is the equality of vote. Professor who works at
university has one vote and farmer who works at a farm has one vote too. I think
this fact will weaken the democracy at last. I think the rulers should be voted by
other elites

 I think that democracy is not the better option out of all other forms of government we have tried. In fact, I think that the only government form we have actually tried is democracy. Do you think we have ever tried socialism or communism with a pure intention? I doubt it. Most countries which have said to have tried other forms of government were only speaking ideology but actually in dictation. There wasn't a single country which was able to completely plant other form of governments. Therefore, I have to disagree was Churchill. There are still a lot of rooms for experiment with other form of governments.

I can't agree to Chrchill's opinion. I'm sure that democracy is good form of government but not the best. If someone ask for the answer of the best form, I can't answer. But still I can say Democracy isn't the best. As you know, publics opinion is the first priority in Democracy. But there can be a mistake when human decide something. Because human is imperfect. For example Adolf Hitler is the one who become a leader by a vote from public people. Citizen elected by their hands. Like this Democracy has some limitation. But this limitation is too huge that I can't ignore this to be admitted. So I can't agree that the Democracy is the best form ever.

 I agree with Churchill's opinion. The worst form of government except all the others that have been tried, that's Democracy. Paradoxically, to agree with his opinion is the same meaning that Democracy is not the perfect form of government.
 I think that Democracy is not to choose the best, but to sort out the worst. As it's hard to find the best, to sort out the worst can make us find the road. In fact, if there is the perfect form of government, it will resemble the idea of plato. however that's impossible in human world. we, human can't be the philosopher king. because, familiarity, intimacy will make us emotional. we can't reason rational.  So we need the second best plan and in my opinion,  that's Democracy. However we should try to find the best answer to the question. 

 I think what Churchil wanted to say was, even though democracy has its own defects and problems, there is no better replacement. I do agree with Churchil's statement. Democracy lacks efficiency. To make a decision, it needs approval from its members. Surely, trivial ones such as on how to run a sewer system can be made without consents from the general public by elected officials, but to make important decisions such as declaration of war, it needs time and resources to listen to its people and reach agreements. In times of emergency, when immediate action is needed, that works as a huge disadvantage. Additionaly, the time and efforts put to involve the public in the decision making process does not mean that a decision made as the result of democratic process is the right one. However, there is an unnegotiable virtue of democracy. When the decision is made through democratic process, it is given the unquestionable legitimacy. No one has to justify the action, as long as it was made through democratic process.

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I agree with Winston Churchill’s opinion. I think Churchill’s statement means democracy is not perfect form of decision making.I agree democracy isn’t perfect form of political method. It has many defects. If democracy was perfect form, all the conflicts should have been eradicated. The biggest problem of democracy is output that always can’t be the best solution. This problem stems from human’s limit. Human can’t have all information that needs to choose best solution. And human is social animal. Although one thinks this is absolutely right, if others think this isn’t right, he can’t strenuously insist his opinion.

I can’t know, in the future, if the best form of decision making emerges. But definitely, if we want to find the best form of decision making, we should start from improving democracy.

Although democracy has many positive points, it is not the best form of government. In the format of democracy, sometimes minority opinions are ignored and people have to follow public opinion. Sometimes, accepting the majority decision may cause serious results. Yet among all formats of government, I think democracy is the best format ever. All of forms of government that had been tried in the past had serious problems and eventually disappeared. Democracy has been carried out for long time, but unlike other systems, it still remains in our system. Democracy guarantee our rights and equality. Therefore, it tells us that it is the best government form we've ever had.

I agree to Churchill`s opinion. I think that democracy is not the best choice for our society, but it`s far better than others such as aristocracy and monarchy. The reason is that democracy eliminates the possibility of monopolizing nation`s wealth and authority by strongman. In the past, proletariat who don`t have power were exploited or enslaved by nobles and kings. In the contrast, nowadays, in democratic society, it never happens. I think it`s notable progress in human history.  Nevertheless, I understand why Churchill said the word "worst". Democracy itself has some drawbacks. In fact, the people, who are in society, are not rational or wise at all times. They sometimes become irrational, and some of them are even stupid. We are all given equal opportunity to vote, and that fact sometimes makes the result chaotic. 

I agree with Churchill. It can be said that democracy is not efficient but we couldn't find better government. I think Churchill wanted to say that democracy is not a good government but it is better than any other governments humanity has ever tried. Feudalism ended because of industrial revolution and bourgeois revolution. Communism ended through Soviet Union's collapse. But democracy didn't collapse yet. It means that it is not that bad. Actually it can deter dictatroship and it guarantee equality. Even though it has many shortcomings, It also has many merits. Someday we may find better government. But before we find it, democracy is the best government.

Maybe, Winston Churchill thought democracy isn't perfect form of government. But he simultaneously knew that democracy was the best choice. In other words, democracy is the best form of government, although democracy has defect. So he said "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

First of all, to speak my conclusion, I agree Churchill's state. Since history starts, There are many political systems such as democracy, monarchy, aristocracy, communism. But these systems have defect in their own way. Monarchy and aristocracy have dictatorial factors and discriminate their ordinary people. Because of this, aristocracy doesn't exist anymore in these days, and monarchy narrowly keeps its life. In contrast, democracy and communism don't discriminate people. But communism has problem which doesn't induce individual's interest. Democracy doesn't have these problems. Of course, democracy has defect. When people's join decreases, democracy won't operate in normal. Also, In democracy the tyranny of the majority exist. Nevertheless, Unlike any other systems, democracy has existed and prospered from its start to now, and this prove that democracy is the best form of government.


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